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External power supply project
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External power supply project


Dear customers. Here you can order the project of external power supply. Design of the external power supply is carried out by our company in strict accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, and pays special attention to compliance with the rules and electrical safety requirements. Developed projects necessarily we agree to the proper authorities. The project provides for protection of external electric power of all circuits against short circuit currents, as well as from direct or indirect contact with live parts. for this project external power supply, our specialists provide installation of devices (RCD), the grounding system and circuit breakers. The scope of works on designing the external power supply is quite large. The main task is to create reliable and durable system of external power supply, and the reliability and durability of the equipment and installations.

Our specialists will develop projects of external power supply of any complexity. You may have to order the project external power supply for residential houses, business and warehouse facility, commercial or office buildings.


To order we project or consultation, please call +38 (097) 2521075. Our specialists will answer all your questions.

Information is up-to-date: 21.02.2018

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